We can do...
Lube, Oil and Filter Change, Tune Ups, Computer Diagnostics, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Brakes, Tires, Alternator Replacement, Starter Repair, Fuel Injection, Engine Overhaul and Repair, Transmission Service, Clutch Replacement, Timing Belts, Hoses and much more.....

Part Modification
At Josho Auto we can cater to any of your modification needs. We can modify any car. Josho Auto can apply any modification to your car. We can install almost any part. Give your car engine upgrades.

Car Upgrade and Modification
Josho Auto will upgrade any part in your car. If you have any kind of preferred modification to your car, Josho Auto is your one stop shop for everything you need. Tom has more than 25 years of experience and can modify any car. You tell him what you want and he will make it happen! He is located in Costa Mesa, right by the 405. Josho Auto can customize your car. Add power, speed, or even increase gas mileage. Bring in your vehicle and we'll give you a free estimate!

Mazda Rotary Engine Specialist
Tomo Hanzaki is trained and Certified as a Mazda Serviceman from the Mazda Corporation and passed the Qualification Test in 1995. Tom has since serviced, rebuilt, and repaired Mazda Rotary Engines. He has substancial experience working on Japanese cars and can service any of your rotary engine needs.