Tomo has passed the third grade of Automobile Mechanics Examination for Gasoline and Engine which is issued by the Ministry of Transportation in Japan and requires 6 months of training. (December 3, 1988)

Tomo won an Individual Second Place Award in the Mechanical Division at the Third Mechanical Tournament of Mazda Auto West Tokyo. (July 8, 1990)

Tomo has been trained and certified in Japan as a professional car mechanic. He is certified as a Class B Qualified Serviceman from the Mazda Motor Corporation. (May 26, 1991)

Tomo has passed the second grade of Automobile Mechanics for Gasoline under the Automobile Mechanics Skill Exam Regulation by the JAMA (Japan Automobile Mechanic Association). (March 23, 1992)

He has also passed a Vehicle Inspector course under the AMEA (Automobile Mechanical Enterprise Association) from the Kanto Transportation Bureau in Tokyo. (August 18, 1995)

Since moving to America Tomo has worked as a Automobile technician for vehicles, and has 10 years of experience working as a Ferrari and Lamborghini maintenance technician.

Tomo is an expert in Japanese and European vehicles and is able to fit every customer need. Tomo can repair, modify, enhance, and upgrade any vehicle.